Easy Scanning

Easy Scanning

Manage Your Info Better with Document Scanning

Technological advances have created new and exciting ways for businesses to handle their daily tasks. Thanks to the internet and cloud computing, companies can store and share information faster than ever before. In turn, this allows workers to collaborate better and accomplish more.

Swift Office has the resources to help get your business to the next level. Our stock of office equipment makes it easy for you to scan your documents to a variety of locations and digital formats, including:

  • Email
  • Network Folders
  • URL
  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • TIFF

Benefits of Document Scanning

By scanning your documents, you can:

  • Cut down on expenses related to storing paper files
  • Prevent loss of information due to theft, human error or wear and tear
  • Distribute information quicker and more cost-effectively
  • Retrieve critical data much faster and more reliably
  • Streamline your workflows

Swift’s Scanning Equipment

Go to the following pages for information on Swift’s scanning-capable office equipment:

Multifunction Copiers

Wide Format Systems

Digital Duplicators


Equipment Catalog

Other Office Equipment

Swift has other hardware to help you work better. Click the links below to learn more:


Interactive Whiteboards

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